Who we are

At San Joaquin Construction Services we do what's right even when no one is watching. We have a team of experienced and licensed contractors, roofers, plumbers, and solar installers. We pride ourselves in quality work and integrity. The San Joaquin brand is a proud member of this great community. We are your friends, your neighbors, and even your family and we will do right by you, no matter what. 

Our Team

At San Joaquin Construction Services we employ a team of over 30 talented professionals. Our team’s talents and knowledge vary from person to person, giving us a well-rounded team of experts. We believe that regardless of your performance today, you should want to be better tomorrow. We give every employee the tools required to learn, grow and improve their performance daily and that translates to a better product for you.



Not everyone in our company has to share the same beliefs; however, we make it clear that God is the owner of San Joaquin Construction Services and all we do centers around Him. This includes many efforts to sow the seeds of faith around and throughout all of our works. We provide the opportunity for all to know God and make Him known. We will not force anyone to believe, just allow the opportunity to embrace and learn about our Lord and savior.

Why choose us?

At San Joaquin Construction Services we approach our relationship differently. We grew up in Bakersfield...this is our hometown. We're your acquaintances, friends, customers, neighbors and even family. We share this community with you. Our philosophy is that we see you more as friends than customers. Everything we do is to help you. Ultimately it's not what's best for us, it's what's best for you. That's how we will earn your business and trust for years to come.

Meet The Team


Travis Watson

Roof Consultunt

Cell - (661) 333-8852


Andy Christman

Cell - (661) 333-2200


Jim Wilson

Roof Consultant

Cell - (661) 703-0525


Laramie Wilson

Operations Manager

Cell - (661) 302-5802


Roberto Rodriguez

Repair Consultant/ Tech

Phone - (661) 407-2811


Moises Renteria


Cell - (661) 348-9280


Zachary Flores

Director of Marketing

Cell - (661) 900-1168


Steffanie Smith

Office Manager

Cell - (661) 407-2812


Sarah Barrett


Cell - (661) 407-2811


Gary Hardy

Repair Consultant/Tech

Cell - (661) 387-5055


Gale Ajootian

Office Assistant

Phone - (661) 407-2811


Matt Arvisu

Warehouse Manager

Cell - (661) 407-2814


Roof Consultant